Tuesday, January 19, 2010

conscript gadgets

wanna know how I get snapshots of bacolod city and its everyday life the jeeps and the really nice bacolod girls??

well I've been armed with my

armed with standard equipment i trudge the borders of life to get snapshots of jeeps, girls, and simple Bacolodnons

my original equipment is actually:

1. Nokia 6170

The first camera phone I used for capturing
student life! the 0.75 megapixel camera proved to
be useful very effective in places where there is
sufficient daylight..

2. Nokia 7390

this 3g enabled 3 megapixel camera phone is my trusty partner for
almost 3-4 years, now, the only severe complaint I have is battery
problems and card reading pins are not that aligned. my unit is surplus
unit which my mother bought from her friend, and at first was my
younger brother's cellphone and later was given to me when she
got a 3150 xpressmusic. the nice thing about this phone is you can use its camera
while the lid is closed which gives me an advantage of taking candid shots! while
the Carl ziess auto focusing system of the phone camera really filled
the gaps of my old phone, I got clearer shots and good quality pics!

3. Canon Powershot A560(Borrowed)

my first digital camera is acutally a camera a friend of mine lent to
me in not-so important times, my first affiliated website girls and jeeps
had really benefited in my borrowed camera.

4. Rollei CL-200 Compact line Series 12 Megapixel

recently we bought a Rollei CL-200 with a 12 megapixel and now is
dedicated in serving me and also my part time job, used only in special occasions,
its better it gets used around when in town,

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